How do we go about booking The Meadow at Charity Farm?

We ask for a completed booking form along with 50% Deposit to secure your chosen date. We will also require you to sign the Terms and Conditions Document at that time. The final 50% along with an additional £500 refundable Damage Deposit will be payable three months before the day.

How do we arrange a viewing?

Please telephone or email us and we will agree a mutually convenient time and date for you to visit. If you wish to invite your suppliers to view the site, we can do that also by contacting us.

What happens if we need to cancel?

Of course we are hoping that scenario won’t happen but if it should, please refer to our Terms and Conditions (provided with our Booking Contract) where all will be explained.

What time period can we book the venue for?

The site is available to erect your chosen Canvas from 8.00 am on the Thursday morning and needs to be removed by 6.00 pm on the Monday evening. Your suppliers will need this to be done. This will allow you all day on Friday to decorate and make those very special finishing touches to make your day complete.

How many guests can we invite?

This will depend upon the size of your chosen canvas and your budget. You will need to match the size of your hired toilet facilities to suit. 150 guests would be the recommended maximum for the size of the venue.

What about cleaning up afterwards?

We ask that all caterers, bars and suppliers remove all their debris by Monday evening. We will supply waste bins for the convenience of your guests but request that the site is left as clean and tidy as possible.

Can we supply our own drink?

You are welcome to provide your own drink and no corkage will be charged. The caterers can usually provide bar staff for an additional fee – advisable to monitor output and avoid wastage. On the other hand, you may wish to hire in the complete bar set-up which would include bar staff. Do it your way!

Can we have a fire pit?

Some of the Canvas suppliers will hire out a fire pit to be used internally with smokeless logs. We have two small external fire pits which can be hired on request; either way, the fire pits need to be supervised at all times and remain your responsibility whilst lit.

Can we swim in the lake?

Swimming is strictly prohibited.  We will ensure that it is well lit and recommend that any children are well supervised around it. The lake is purely for your visual enjoyment, especially when lit with floating candles. Magic!

When will our suppliers have access for deliveries?

You will need to be on site to receive deliveries at a pre-arranged time between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm.

Until what time are we allowed to play music?

In deference to our not-so-near neighbours, music is only allowed within the confines of your chosen Canvas until midnight.

Can we leave cars overnight?

Sure you can! If they are left in our designated car park area, they can be collected anytime on the following day.

What about Fireworks?

As we are surrounded by fields of cereal crops, we have to say a big “No” – sorry!

Do you allow camping?

Yes, we allow a limited number of overnight campers at no extra charge on the day of the event only.

Can we bring dogs?

Sorry but we have to say "No". We are great dog lovers ourselves and have two of our own but we cannot be responsible for any pets brought onto the site.

Is outdoor lighting included?

As part of our service and for Health and Safety reasons, solar lights will be provided around the perimeter of the pond and along the route to the toilet block and car park. You are welcome to add any further solar lighting for decorative purposes as you wish.

What about insurance?

For your own peace of mind it is recommended that you take out insurance to cover any non-refundable expenditure. Your Canvas suppliers may also offer insurance to cover their structures. At Charity Farm we hold our own Public Liability Insurance.